Friday, May 18, 2012


Girls just wanna have fun…And that’s what I’m doing. Driven by my Organic Leaves, life, death, love, and continued creativity.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I took a time out from blogging to explore, travel and just live. During this time away from blogging, I continued to ask myself “what’s the point” of my blog? I went from writing about the book and searching for an agent, to writing about personal life situations and changes, to posting journalistic activities…

Three Years to 30- I guess, I’ve done what I set out to do; talk about my life in this 3-year period. I’d like to revert back to the book, as my personal life is so new (it seems) that I don’t know how to really delve into the current happenings. I cannot remember who said this, but to paraphrase, it’s not an easy life to be a writer. For me, it’s hard to be fully present because I’m always viewing my life and many moments with the intention to one day write about them. It’s like being an actress in a film, gazing through the director’s camera. The purpose is to act, be in the moment, not always to analyze and define, then tell. #Shrugs. But if I didn’t have this issue, I doubt I’d be as good a writer. So it’s one those things in life, not bad, nor good. It just is.

See…Here I go talking about my life again! SMH Can’t help it.

Book update coming soon. Good things!! #OrganicLeaves

In the meantime, enjoy these photos of me “acting” and not directing!! Live life :-)