Saturday, February 19, 2011

Big Wheel Keep On Turning...

How the novel process and my dating life continue to parallel is beyond me. As a matter of fact, it could very well be a blessing because I'm totally into both. They are both leading to a desired goal, it's fun even with its many ups and downs, and there are plenty lessons to learn.

Lesson 1:

Ahhhhh yes!! How many times have you been told "Stop putting all your eggs in one basket" if it is not official. With dating, sure you're not committed, but he's talking that good stuff, giving you the sweetest taboo. Saying all the things your poor heart wants to hear even though you never asked for that crap. You start raising him up above the others. Why? Because you already have a scewed view of him, a high regard for him that's not deserved and there could be various reasons why you'd do that. Everyone has their own preferences, reasons, logic, excuses...

But nooooo, stop, don't do it!!! You want action, remember??? Not typical smooth operator mumbo jumbo.

Similar to lit agents and publlishers. I've gotten quite a bit of interest in the book, which has excited me greatly. The use of big words like "love," "interested," and "we'll be in contact" has triggered feelings of want and a "knowing" that the dream is coming true and fast. So what did I do? I paused on exploring other options because of the sweet talk. Well, I'm not signed to any of my sweet talkers, so guess what? It's time to keep on moving. Opening that door right back up and see what else is out there that'll not just talk the talk, but walk the walk.

When you know you have a good product that will not only sell but touch lives, why would want to bury that and have the publishing process delayed by others that only see a fraction of what you see? Why would you want someone or a company to keep holding off when you know it's awesome?

Same with dating. When you know you're great and can run down the list of why and how, why let the sweet talker, smooth operator put "baby in the corner?" Just doesn't seem right at all. Too awesome for that. Take ALL EGGS OUT OF BASKET and divy them up amongst those who know the corner is not a place for you.

So yes, the big wheels have been turning. Dating with more of an open mind and heart has begun and it's been a blast. I've even learned to appreciate characteristics I would've never thought to (whole other blog). LOL!!

And my book! Yes!! It's time to get those emails, queries, letters rollin'!!

Let's work on getting something real :-)

P.S. Can you tell I've been listening to Sade a lot? lol :-) and Tina Turner...
I'll be writing another BIG LESSON I've learned for ya next week :-)

For you viewing and listening pleasure ;-)


  1. I love how you continue to grow and are truly showing another side of womanhood!
    As you get closer to the next chapter in life, you will truly see the curtains open. Keep your options open and keep going for the goal :)

  2. It sucks when you/we realize who gives you the "sweetest taboo" is just a regular Joe Schmoe!


    miss young

  3. Lol...@ "put baby in a corner". You are so right, but we live and we learn and know that we'll look back and at the Joe Schmoe who had the NERVE to sleep on alll the awesomeness we are and laugh...and we'll do this while canoodling w/the man who did in fact realize the awesomeness. Rollin'.....