Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No She Didn't!!!

Dear All,

I was talking to a close friend of mine, explaining how a 26-year-old admitted that I looked younger than her. I took that as a compliment because I could've sworn she was well over 30! So my close friend rattles off boastfully about looking "younger" though we "are on the 30 side of 20."

Wait! What??!! Who says that?! The "30 side of 20?" I never knew such a saying existed. My ears, oh gah!! No way...since when? LOL!

I'm being ultra dramatic today. There's nothing wrong with being...I hesitate...on the 30 side of 20. I think 30s are great, but it felt like I was put there before my time. Even two years- no longer three-to 30 sounds better...I think (as I nod to myself reassuringly).

Welp, this conversation that I had with my close friend was right on time...a couple days before I touch down in glorious Miami! The beautiful #305!! The main escape for me as a college kid during my matriculation at Florida A&M.

It's time to rewind the clock and be on the 20 side of 20 again!! Wet Willies, for starters (hee hee) and who knows what, to follow. I need fun in the sun and the freedom to be free! And while I write all of this, I'm starting to see a more realistic picture of me: On the beach, laptop up, writing, working on website, working on book launching plans (I'll keep you posted) and working on finances, with the ocean waves crashing as my background music...Who knows, maybe I'll get a chance to do it all!

Let's go, GIRLS!!!!

P.S. Everyone needs a break every now and again...and again ;-)