Saturday, January 21, 2012


I have just stepped away from preparing my book for independent e-publishing. This is quite the undertaking. It seems like every day there's a break through and a setback. For example, I plan to (commercial break: my upper back is super tense right now), anyway I plan to use smashwords to publish my novel. I was pretty much set on that when I read that my novel would be available 24-48 hours after uploading. One, that timeframe keeps changing it seems and two, after rereading, my novel will be available in that short amount of time to the site only, not yet to ibooks, the Kindle, the Nook, and Sony eReader, etc. This can take up to two weeks IF I've followed the formatting guidelines (72 page doc, I've read it twice) to a T. Whew Lawdy.

Next option, iBooks for Authors. Sounds great, eliminate the middle man, go straight to Apple. Welp, if I do this first, my novel can be available quickly on the iPad, however, it will not be seen on the iPhone or iPod. Huh????!! Why?

Next option, Kindle Direct Publishing. I can do that. Keep in mind, they have there own set of rules on how to format your manuscript and upload it. Today, I've been a formatting fool.

I'm just a little frustrated, but this is my dream and it'll happen- just takes some work.

I'm going to go to gym now. Come back refreshed and get back to work. I have a deadline to meet.

Have a great Saturday night!



***And I've just found out that in order to view a Smashwords book on your iPhone, you have to have Stanza. You still won't be able to view it through iBooks. Good to know... Continuing :-)