Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rise and Shine

It seemed like I did have writer's block for many months. That was rough and truth be told my focus was way off. That's kind of expected with a new job, new man, and new responsibilities. Welp, something in me shifted and I just didn't feel right. Me without writing is a painful existence.

I missed my first love and as much as I journaled, it didn't take the place of writing novels- getting into really interesting story lines and falling in love with characters.

I was also in a rocky relationship with a literary agent. Let's just say, for the sake of grace and professionalism, that it didn't work out between us. We are over and I'm back with this novel in my hands so close to being ready for the world- on my own and without the backing of a major publishing company. I think that's exactly how I want it though. For authors today, this self-publishing/e-book revolution is lucrative, liberating, empowering, and it just makes sense with all the resources available at our finger tips.
My baby (Organic Leaves) is not perfect. It needs a good editor- found one two days ago!!- and it needs to be formatted for ebook publising- Been doing that for days!!! I might as well be an expert... lol

So things are looking up and moving right along. The new job is funding my dreams, the new man is supportive to the point of selflessly making me focus on myself, and my new responsibilities are keeping me on task. There's always going to be something I have to do, something I have to take care of- publishing my own book was always on the list, but it's become more of a priority as my three years to 30 is starting to turn into one year to 30. Where'd the time go??? Geez...

All that to say, I going to meet the goal of publishing before 30. This is a process and it does take time, but it does not have to take forever.