Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Into Action

It's Spring outside and surely, (no one in a two mile radius of me can deny) it is in my SOUL! I'm full of renewed energy and ready to roll!!

At this point, and after many rejection letters from publishers, I'm considering the most modern way to publish a novel. There are a few choices. Looking at them with a magnifying glass and one hand on the Bible. While my thinking and praying cap is charging up, take a gander at a story that I will be releasing very soon. :-)



Organic Leaves 2009©

When Melanie Bridges, a beautiful, single, successful D.C., journalist, decided to attend her first love's wedding to her college enemy, she thought she was closing a chapter for good, but instead she unknowingly opened up a world of deceit, betrayal, and more heartache than she had bargained for.

Melanie is forced to face the man who broke her heart and the woman who stole his. She heads back to Atlanta with her girls, two years after graduating from Atlanta A&M University, where it all began, where she met her college sweetheart Derrick Mason and the only real friends she’s ever known—wild Nikki Blanchard, sweet Shelly McCrary, and focused Toni Davis-Solomon. While preparing to bury, for good, the idea that she and her ex will ever marry, Melanie takes advantage of this midyear vacation with her best friends of six years. But in the midst of her Atlanta stay, secrets are discovered, lies are uncovered, horrid memories resurface, and friends become enemies. Facing her fears leads to a shock of a lifetime and more pain than she could have ever imagined. The most disturbing discovery is the realization that through life’s trials, she’s lost the essence of who she really is; as if what was organically and authentically Melanie had just upped and walked away. It takes prayer, strength, and love like she's never known to bring her back.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reset Button

Vacation. Just what the soon-to-be Dr. Ash prescribed for me. She's my bestie and currently a counselor. Not only does she give me friendly advice but she can't help but throw in some mental health points. Due to the stress that I've currently been under, a little ego bruising, and pressure in different aspects of my life, my bestie said leaving D.C. and partying it up with her would make me feel better. Annnnnnnd boy was she right!

Mardi Gras was amazing! I love New Orleans. I loved the daily dose of relaxing agents...The men (and I'm totally generalizing) are very handsome ;-) The people, okay most of the ones I met, are really nice. The dancing, the food, music, the JAZZ!!! I was happy for days. I lost all track of time for 6 days. Woke up when I wanted, watched the parades, partied, slept when I felt the need, and did it all over again. It felt good not to juggle a job, the hustle, the commute, the other hustle, and everything else. New Orleans, like much of the South, was just chill, slower, smoother. Granted, this was Mardi Gras, but after living in Florida, I know the pace, it is familiar and it is so much more relaxed. It made me question the culture in D.C. and why I'm even still apart of it. Honestly, still thinking on it.

I honestly got sad at thought of coming back home. My bestie said I could stay and though she was playing, I sensed seriousness. I asked her to find me a job. She said with her connects that it's possible. I know it is. But I came home anyway, back to the grind, with no intention to really move to New Orleans. Why? I don't fully know. I know that I've settled a bit in this area now. My personal roots (family, friends, colleagues, associates), though not too too deep, are here. I'm by no means stuck, but I don't necessarily want to start all over some place else. On the flip side, I can though. Either way, now, in this moment I'm here. My bestie told me to carry the feeling I had in New Orleans with me to D.C. because stress can do major harm. That's exactly what I did. I'm interestingly enough more focused (work, hustles), but also a lot more relaxed.

I need more vacations like that. I came back forever changed and I'm thankful :-)