Wednesday, June 8, 2011

High School Reunion Ticket for One, Please?

I can honestly say that I remember thinking about my 10-year reunion my senior year in high school. I remember I was sitting at my desk in newspaper class thinking, “Okay, so I’ll be 28. Hmmmm, I suppose I’ll be married with a baby or a baby on the way. Also I should be an award-winning journalist by then. Yep!” That was the plan.

Marriage: Yeah, not even close. Married? Me? What’s that? No, I’m kidding. If you consider a re-occurring conversation, which I did NOT initiate, where “we” discussed eloping in undergrad…I guess you could consider that that’s the closest I’ve gotten. Oh, and the trying on of the rings. I can’t believe we used to do that- and were SERIOUS!! LOL!! But anywhoo, rings are fun...and pretty. I’d do it again- I don’t care.

Besides that, I’m pretty much swimming in this dating pool. I think for once in my life I’m doing the backstroke- easy, breezy, FUN, relaxing, going with the flow. Before that was easier said than done; now it is actually what I do and I’m really happy. But with that being said, there’s no ONE (not because they’re not great) I would consider asking to escort me to my reunion. From my perspective, I’d rather enjoy the “catching up” with my classmates by myself, after all, I’d know everyone there and he wouldn’t…wait, before I go further, I’d just feel more comfortable at this stage in my dating to go to my reunion alone. I’m really starting to recognize and embrace my comfort levels rather than overanalyzing why I feel or think a certain way. This how I feel and what I think…today :-)

A baby or preggers? Uhhh, no. That’s just not a want right now anyway. It was then, but when I look at my life now, one- I haven’t settled on my partner (that’s major), and two- it just doesn’t fit with my current plan. So that’s out and that’s totally okay by me.

Award-winning journalist: Journalist- yes, but not full time like I had originally planned. Award-winning- yeah, in college! LOL!! With this one though, I gave myself permission to change my mind. I’m good at what I do. I’m a writer. But my focus has changed. Funny enough, it’s changed back to what it was my freshman year of college. I remember walking on the set of FAMU at 18 thinking, “I don’t need a damn degree to write books.” Anddddd then I continued to pursue a degree in newspaper journalism, changed to elementary education, changed again to magazine production, graduated, and then went to grad school for business. What am I doing now? Working in publishing (totally my choice after NOT enjoying being a newspaper reporter in Tallahassee), freelancing as an entertainment journalist, and publishing my NOVEL #Organic Leaves this summer. I went back to my first love, and that’s all I want to do- write more books.

The Wrap Up

I surely had this picture-perfect image of myself at 28, and honestly, I’m not that woman. That is a most wonderful thing though, because I’m happy and secure when it comes to my life and the choices that I’ve made. I think a high school reunion is the perfect time to celebrate who you really are and not wallow in or dwell on who you’re not.