Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In Other News...

Yeah, so I was trying to figure what to write and did not have a good feeling about what was on my mind. I didn't want to post this but you know what, this blog is about the ups and the downs, so here goes.

I'm frustrated...looking for an editor for my novel and 1. the cost is averaging $1,000 a pop (doable but I feel like I'm being robbed) and 2. honestly, I know there's more a million more editors that I haven't explored (which actually overwhelms me).

I've written to local authors (some bestselling) and asked for advice. Why local? It's just a feeling of comfort reaching out to people who live near me...I have no idea when I'll get out of that, maybe soon. I've gotten no responses...sigh... And then one response came in informing me that their choice is not accepting manuscripts right now. Even in writing this, I'm thinking to myself, "there are wayyyyy more authors to ask and sooooo much more research to do."

So I'm back to square one. I will be scouring the acknowledgments sections of novels similar to mine in Borders or Barnes and Noble this weekend, compiling another list and sending out emails. I'll be calling my newspaper editor friends to see who they know. I'm going to work this out- promise.

Second book underway, Website underway...

Oh highlight: My interview with Ryan Leslie!!! Ahhhhh yes, it was great and fun and seriously, I wish I could've talked to him all day. He's so interesting and talented. http://www.jukeboxdc.com/2011/04/inside-box-ryan-leslie.html Also posted on Body of Work page :-D

Alright, got some writing to do. Good nite!



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