Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blessing in the Unexpected

So I'm sitting here with a cold that had the audacity to show up on a week where work and my personal schedules are on crunch time. I'm busier than I've been in a while, which is exactly what I want, and yet a cold has come in and basically told me to "Saddown somewhere." Just when the momentum was growing and I'm implementing my new writing schedule, new workout schedule, new quality time with loved ones schedule and my cook more, eat less junk schedule, it stopped me right in my tracks. A cold, hmph...

But instead of continuing to whine and complain, I'm focusing on how to better take care of myself, how to better listen to my body and soul so that my core needs are met, and how to be still and live in the present. I do get reminders from time to time, like this cold, that it is time to sit and just be.

Today, I hope you'll find the time to just be. With only one life to live, I'm realizing that I don't want to zoom through it completing task after task after task. I'd rather take some time to be here, now, in the present and enjoy each moment for what it is.